Friday, December 7, 2012

Argumentative Essay No. 10 "Should Rich Countries Pay More for Environmental Damage?"

In our society nowadays, some people really don't care about our environment, but most of the people encourage us to participate and join them in helping our environment cope up with these pollution we made. Rich countries should not the only one who should pay for different environmental problems; poor countries also need to pay for it, why? because not all  rich countries destroy and pollute the environment, somehow, most of the poor countries were the one polluting and destroying our environment, which causes environmental imbalance. Different environmental problems such as flash floods, landslides, earthquake, etc. are the problems we encounter during a natural phenomena that occur in our community and in different places in the world. Nowadays, we Filipinos suffer from different environmental damages and calamities, just like the Super Storm Bopha which greatly devastated and destroyed the livestock and agricultural industry in the Davao  and Compostella Valley Region in the Philippines. Even though we are considered a 3rd world country, we must pay for our environmental tax, which the rich countries must also do for our Environment can be saved though there are a lot of destruction already.

People who are in poor countries mostly are undisciplined and irresponsible, that is why we face a lot of troubles and damages, when a natural phenomena hits our country, and right now regarding our Environment. We don't have any water treatment in different parts of Metro Manila, where our water waste goes to the Pasig River into the Manila Bay and there are a lot of like this in different parts of the world, that is one example of pollution we do as a 3rd world country; however, we are doing different environmental care like the tree planting activities in different parts of Manila, and in different places in the world, but it is not enough for us to only do that, we must implement well our environmental solutions with strict penalties for us to help both rich and poor countries to overcome different phenomena we and they encounter everyday.

Rich and Poor countries must pay for the Environmental damages each and every individual have made in a fair way for we can have each equality in rights for the environmental care because we all are being devastated by these natural calamities; furthermore, we should implement more strict environmental solutions and rules rather than picking who will pay more for the environmental damages for us to focus in cleaning our environment to help each one of us survive these different calamities. Rich and Poor countries must face what their people did in terms of their environmental issues, because we shouldn't rely only in different non government organizations that help us to clean our environment and different government institutions that help us clean it, we must face all the things we did in our environment even if it's a little or minor problem, because in this way, we can help and encourage people to treasure our mother earth  for the future generations to come.

Other people might say that "We can't afford such high tax for environmental issues in different places" you can do community services if you can't afford it, it seems that our rules needs to be more flexible for our people to be accommodated with their present situation, or the best way or thing to do for you can't pay high tax is to help and influence our communities and societies to encourage to take care of our environment for they can all benefit from it, and for they can help other people to preserve humanity and our endangered species.

Other people might say that "Where will the Environmental tax goes if we pay for it?" Well, we have a lot of activities nowadays concerning Environmental Awareness and care for we can preserve our Mother Earth and our Species in extinction, it will goes to the tree planting, river rehabilitation, water treatment, and other environmental projects that helps to lessen the pollution and damage we do. Even if we are rich or poor, it can be a great help lending money for tax for our environmental solutions to be fulfilled. it will also be a great help for our society to help and improve our way of living in this world, and health problems of poor and rich families.

Even though we are included in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd world country, we must keep in mind that we need to pay tax about our environmental problems for us to live pollution-less society, and make our endangered species and next generation live longer.  We must protect our environment even if we are rich or poor because if we didn't care about our environment we will be the first one who will be affected with these pollution when natural disasters devastate our countries and places. So we just need to cooperate for our environment's sake and our sake also; furthermore, we must be a good role model for the youth as they grow up for they can also preserve the species nd humanity we need for the next generation.

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