Thursday, December 6, 2012

Argumentative Essay No. 9 "Internet does more good than harm"

As we live in this new era, Internet is being used by many people nowadays for different reasons and for different situations. let us define first what is Internet, Internet is the single worldwide computer network that interconnects other computer networks, on which end-user services, such as World Wide Web sites or data archives, are located, enabling data and other information to be exchanged according to . We truthfully use the Internet daily for different reasons, it can be used for our entertainments, and for our satisfaction; also, We can say that it can also be harmful and beneficial to every individual, but, is it true that Internet does more harm than good? Well, let us think first, why is internet gives more benefits than harm.

First of all, Convenience. It is more convenient to use Internet for research purposes and educational reasons, we don't want to read anymore 3-4 books with 100-200 pages each just for 1 research paper, right?, that is why internet is made, to help ourselves not to face any more hassles and problems, it is like a shortcut for us in our everyday lives; furthermore, it is convenient because you don't need to use snail mail anymore if you want to communicate with your friends and relatives in the country or in abroad, you just need to send it in the internet through social medias like Facebook and Twitter. We can say it is more convenient using the internet because you don't need to use any more business matters like advertisements in billboards in different highways which distract our drivers which causes accidents in our roads, you can advertise in the internet, which we cal E-Commerce, you just need to pay the server for they can advertise you product; also, the internet offers a lot of services like online banking, hotel reservation, etc. that you can use for your convenience. That is one fact that the internet gives more benefits than harm.

Next, Internet gives more benefits than harm because it gives us Career Development, through the Internet we can easily gain more knowledge and improve our abilities by career programs being offered through the internet and career guides being given in the internet, people truly seek for employment and want to have jobs, through the internet they can pass their resumes and have jobs through the use of it, it is easy, right?  we can post our Curriculum Vitae, Bio-data, and different papers which can directly employ you when the Human Resource department received any of it, through E-mails, and the Social Media, LinkedIn where you can post any of your Biographies and working experiences. It is a good thing to have which help us to have our jobs, not only that, it can also help us to deal with different people and have connections with them. That is why Internet gives more benefits that harm.

Others might say that "Our children will learn and watch Pornographic movies, and different vices in the internet, using internet gives us more harm than good." Well, aren't you aware about the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012? Our government enacted it already last October, all of these vices that most of the people are saying will be prohibited for they can't anymore influence our society most especially our children. We already have our limitations in using the internet, so, it means that internet will give more benefits than harm after our government have enacted this law.

Other people might say that "Internet will promote Laziness to the  students who wants to research for something" The Fact is that, Internet is made for convenience, for example your child will not go anymore to the library just to research, in the internet there are a lot of resources like the Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, etc. which will give your child different facts about a particular topic. It is made to prevent Procrastination and Hassles in our society, it helps us the be more productive than being lazy to do something with hassle, it is hassle-free and will not cause anymore trouble.That is why Internet is good for the society.

We can say that the Internet is bad but it has a good side also; however, it gives more benefits than harm, wit these reasons we can clearly say that Internet is more beneficial than doing harm in our society. Without the Internet, we can't communicate with our love ones in different parts of the world; without it, we can't do our assignments, projects, and paper works with ease; furthermore, we can have different job employment through the internet, so we can really say that Internet is more helpful in doing good than doing harm.

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