Saturday, December 1, 2012

Argumentative Essay No. 3 "Children learn best by observing behavior of adult and copy it?"

In our present society, most of the children who are poor can't go to school, because they can't afford to pay the rising tuition fee nowadays, and some of the children doesn't want to go to school; instead, they want to earn money, make a living, and have a job. However, most of these children, who doesn't want to go to school, use their, what we call the, "adaptation mechanism" as an alternative for learning in school, which is bad as we all know. I definitely Disagree about this statement, and, most of us and the researches disagree also with this statement.

One of the evidences that this statement proves to be a bad statement is that, as we all know and see the Rate of Crimes here in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila, are increasing. We can see and observe people especially children who are still immature in their mental ability, not knowing which is good or bad thing to do, that they copy or imitate the person they are close to, particularly to their parents, some people around him/her, and friends,  who are a bad influence in someone's life or have criminal minds, oftenly influenced minorities to do things which is bad and crimes like stealing, lying, killing, etc. These crimes definitely are increasing here in the Philippines. That is why we disagree with this statement.

Another evidence that this statement expresses wrong thought or idea is that, our level of Academics worldwide is losing, and our Global Competitiveness rate is also deteriorating. We need these two areas for we can see our improvements every year concerning our academics. We also believe that our future depends definitely in our children, because they are the one who will be responsible in continuing what we have done in the past and make it more significant. If we tolerate this statement, discrimination and racism will flow in again from different countries and will treat us like slaves and maids of their country. That is why we don't need this statement and it doesn't make any sense at all.

Some people might say "Through Actions, children will learn better than words of teachings from teachers", that is totally a fallacy, we all know that we learn most of the good things in school, good manners, good behavior, and a good social life. What if that action is somewhat bad? Definitely children will imitate them, whether good or bad. Smoking is an example of this wrong perception, an example of this is, a child in Indonesia smokes a lot of cigarettes everyday, according to the news. We totally don't want to happen these things to our own children, right? because we all know we will regret it in the end and we don't want our children to be in a bad situation in their future. That is why we must not be delude by this statement.

Some of them might say that "Education is not necessary for us to learn something important, we only need demonstration" Well, demonstration only teaches us a particular work or subject, wherein Education teaches us like in General. In education, we learn a lot of subjects we need for us to gain a lot of knowledge to apply it in our daily lives. 

We totally Disagree that "Children learn best by observing behavior of adults and copying it." because we know that this statement is truly a fallacy, and it will only lead us to something insignificant to learn and to do, and we will probably going to regret at the end if we do this. That is why we need and must go to school even if we are poor for us to learn something more, to be intelligent in all aspects of our lives, and to be a role model to the youth and influence them to study not to observe and copy.

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